Shamanic Mars

James Blake - Overgrown

James Blake - Overgrown

Mars in Cancer will be in Trine with Neptune in Pisces this week. A Trine is a relationship or Aspect in astro speak between planets. This particular relationship is one of ease, flow and harmony. Mars is our sky warrior camping out for a while in the nurturing sign of Cancer. An interesting combo to say the least. It's not the most comfortable home for Mars but it can provide much needed fuel or unsettling fury (because I believe there is a light and dark to everything) in the area that Cancer resides in your chart. We always have free will. The planets give us the "mood" of a situation we give it the action. You can always look up your chart via and clicking "Chart drawing, Ascendant." Once you find out which house Cancer resides in your chart you can look up more information on the themes of that particular house. 

Now back to the relationship between Mars & Neptune. I see Neptune as the Shaman of the heavens. He is our connection to intuition, dreams and our imagination. With Mars in sweet harmony to Neptune I picture lightworkers, dream journals, and possibly new insights while meditating. This relationship gives us greater access to the unseen, to our inner voices and amps up creativity. In the shadows it could also give way to our more addictive tendencies, escapism and projection. This is where understanding the current atmosphere is key. You get to choose which path you walk down. We will be under an energy that feels highly charged with dreamy notions and false short cuts. Use this time to connect with yourself on a higher or deeper level for better self awareness rather than spinning out of control feeling lost at sea. Use your breath as an anchor and your insights as fuel (positive Mars) for a heightened environment that heals rather than hurts. 


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