Jupiter enters Virgo :: the Guru with a to-do list

Come Tuesday the cosmic Santa Claus leaves the proud lion Leo behind and bounds into pragmatic Virgo. Jupiter will reside here for the next year so you have some time to watch this particular cosmic energy play out in your life. Now this will affect each individual differently because it all depends on which house the sign of Virgo falls into in your chart. The vibe/mood/attitude/attributes of that house will be lit up. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, exploration and adventure. Known for seeing the big picture, the endless source of possibilities and one who thoroughly enjoys being free. He is said to rule the future, therefore if we harness this planets energy we ride the wave of progression/evolution. This planet has the power to help us move beyond our perceived limitations or connect us to something greater than ourselves. He can show us where to take a leap of faith versus say Saturn who is concerned with facts and structure. Jupiter can be quite broad minded and in fact is guilty of missing the details. Virgo on the other hand lives for the details. The colliding of these energies will make for an interesting year. Even though these are not the most compatible of mates I think there is a way to make this transit a positive one. Jupiter will expand and possibly bless the area that it touches for you but the key flavor to getting those wishes will be through Virgoan means such as service, analysis, determination and possibly heaps of planning. The shadow side is they could cancel each other out or they end up having turf wars of dominance if we don't choose to work the archetypal energies. If you are curious about where the guru planet will be sojourning in your chart I'm doing donation based Jupiter specific readings. Just send me a message and we can explore, the hopes, dreams and wishes from your Jupiter!