Mystery Moon

Everything beautiful has a shadow. Tonight the moon sways into the most mysterious of zodiac signs, Scorpio. Scorpio likes to dig, to probe and to parse out the information it needs till it knows every bit of truth. Even if that truth is ugly, unsettling or taboo. Frankly, with Scorpio, sometimes the more taboo the better. The moon reflects our moods, our inner tides and knee-jerk reactions. Combine these two and you may find people are more combative, secretive or moody. Especially considering Pluto, the underworld guru is still kissing Mercury, the communications mascot. We are still digging deep into our psyches so use this weekend to get calm. Restore any frazzled synapses with deep breaths and hobbies that make you smile. Plus, remember if someone gets snippy with you it's probably NOT you. It's most likely them working out their Scorpio moon drama. Happy weekend cosmic friends.

Ashley BonelliComment