Self - love meditation......

Happy self-love day! I've created a meditation that is a mix of guidance and silence.
This my Valentine to you for you. To help you crack open that shell of self-love.

Now if you have any Rose quartz please hold on to it with your non-dominant hand. Why are we doing this? We are creating space in our hearts for self-awareness and acceptance to seep in. 
So begin seated or lying down, close your eyes. Let them soften into their sockets. Start taking your inhales and exhales through your nose. Notice that smooth sensation of air that you are creating. Our breath is the bridge between our physical bodies and our souls consciousness. Therefore, we want to get intimate with our breath. We want it to be full, robust and expansive.

Please take your dominant hand, spread the fingers wide and place it gently on your heart. Feel your own heartbeat. Take a moment now (at least 10 cycles) to sync up your breath with that beat.

Now imagine pale pink shimmering light is filling up your heart space, your heart chakra, Anahata. Visualize this beautiful light. See it filling up your lungs. Imagine this light becomes your breath. Let this light fill your entire body and keep breathing it in and out. Your pulse is set to your own healing now. Stay in this glowing space for 5 -10 minutes.

Then gently take a deeper inhale than you were able to before. Hold for a moment. Exhale it for a count of 5 seconds. Feel the warmth under your hand. Connect one last time to your heartbeat. Smile. Gently open your eyes. Move on with your day feeling more open to the wisdom of your own heart. Namaste.  Image via fantazyme.

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