Full Moon in Virgo!

We start our week off with a glowing moon full of discernment and compassion. The full moon is expressing itself through the "God is in the details" sign of Virgo. While our Sun, our vitality, our ego is in boundless Pisces. They are facing off today creating an aspect known as an opposition. Oppositions highlight diversity and ask of us to find the benefit of both paths. They each possess a positive element to bring to the round table, a peace offering of sorts. Full moons bring in the bounty of what we have put forth energetically. I see them as portals of awareness that if we are listening, give us insight into ourselves and our experiences. Hence the reflective qualities of this introspective rock. She rocks our oceans and our souls. So this dynamic energy will highlight the area of your chart that you are a Virgo/Pisces. Themes around where you can compassionately critique and humbly be more of service. That doesn't have to mean heading off to the ashram. Although it could. It could mean taking the over critical eye off of yourself enough to see your worth and value. As well as honoring yourself enough to create healthy boundaries. Embracing self-discipline in a way that doesn't leave you frazzled. Both signs have wonderful positives yet detrimental negatives so use this illumination to find the balance that is right for you.

Ashley BonelliComment