Lunar Landscape :: Shadow Dancing

The moon entered Scorpio last night so we may have woken up to a heavier tone. Scorpio is the fixed water sign that symbolizes the ability to either burn a bridge and regret it or take the high route and transform oneself. This sign wants to know the whole truth, nothing but the truth and will dig around in the muck if need be to achieve that goal. Lady luna can highlight/illuminate whichever area of your chart that you have Scorpio. This gives you an opportunity to dig a little deeper into a certain area of your life. For example I'm a Scorpio in my 2nd house which represents money & self-worth. When the moon moves into that house I notice my spending habits more and how I view myself in regards to my money. Insecurities of all kinds can also come up around this particular moon. Our fears of not having enough, life/death and sexuality could be bubbling up in our psyches. Scorpio oversees all of those themes. 
The moon will make a quick swipe by warrior planet Mars who is preparing to go retrograde in April. This could give you some insight into the themes that may arise during the upcoming retrograde. The moon is our emotions and Mars is our drive. When the two touch base we have a moment to glance at what pushes our anger or passion from a deep place. This is just a peek though because keep in mind the moon is only in a sign for about 2.5 days. Mars will be doing his retrograde dance all summer long in Scorpio so I will give that discussion its own post next month. 
So use this moon phase to process anything painful, fearful or complex. A lighter moon is only a couple of days away!
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Image by Vangelis Paterakis


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