Sun kisses Neptune

The Sun and planet Neptune are embraced in a dreamy hug (conjunction) today in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces so the energy is strong with this placement. The Sun is our ego, our vitality and the soul's path in this lifetime. Neptune is the planet of boundless energy, illusion, and fantasy. There are high elements to the Sea God such as amazing creativity/imagination but on the low side he is also associated with things like addictions/martyrdom. 
With these two energies (Sun/Neptune) coming together we may feel a haze about our lives. A sense of confusion about the route ahead. We could also constructively connect with this open flow and do something creative instead of worry about the unknown. It's a lovely day to just accept what you do know and relax. Use your Sunday as an opportunity to offer yourself some healing/love. The theme of today is to just let go. 

Ashley BonelliComment