DREAM RITUAL :: Do you write your dreams down? Did you know that doing so creates a deeper connection to your brain which lets your mind know that you actively want to remember your dreams? It's a practice that I've dedicated my time to and the results are quite illuminating. Sure, we all have silly dreams that don't mean anything other then your mind just processing your day but other times there are messages coming through your subconscious. If you wish to connect to your higher (divine) self make journaling a daily practice. You will then start to notice that your spirit guides you through information given in your dreams. It also helps you tune into patterns or fears you need to break/heal. You can then go back and meditate on these messages for further insights. Sweet dreams and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Many times our dreams are in sync with the current astrological weather as well. Just another opportunity to learn more about our own inner landscape. Image via Zena Holloway

Ashley BonelliComment