The Moon entered Gemini this afternoon.

The moon recently entered the socialite sign of Gemini. I always think of a butterfly with this zodiac sign. One who moves from flower to flower absorbing what it needs to keep up with the joneses (although I don't know much about the butterfly hierarchy of socio-economic issues). You may notice information comes and goes quickly over the next few days. People may seem more chatty and attention spans could be on limited supply. Through this swift transit the moon will make aspects (relationships) to many other planets/points. An opposition (accepting diversity) to war god Mars and our life coach Saturn. Your emotions (moon in Gemini) may want to be light and breezy keeping things a bit more superficial but Mars in Sagittarius could add a zing to focus more on the big picture. Add a dash of Saturn in Sagittarius and you get another push to be more structured/serious about the journey ahead. This moon will also make a square to Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, the south node and the Sun all in dreamy dewdrop Pisces. That's a lot of fish in the cosmic seas to contend with. A square aspect creates dynamic tension so emotionally we may be in a more intellectual space (Gemini is a very logical air sign) yet we might find ourselves experiencing more "feelings" based situations. Finding a balance between head and heart could prove worthy till we get to the end of the week. 🌙👭👬 Image via architect Moon Hoon.

Ashley BonelliComment