The lunar landscape is beautifully coasting along in her home sign of Cancer for the next couple of days. Engaging in self-care, journaling your dreams and spending time with the people in your life that make you feel safe and secure will be greatly beneficial. The moon will also make an opposition to underworld King Pluto. Oppositions are a cosmic relationship between planets or points that can dredge up what's missing in an area of your life. Each planet has high & low vines that you can climb up to heal/evolve or down to suffer/blame. With regards to the moon staring at Pluto this could elicit more sensitivity around things we feel guilty or shameful about. Where we feel we lack in self-esteem and how we stack up to the rest of our collective. When Cancer is involved there is usually a link to the past so these wounds could be from childhood experiences. Capricorn is all about success and showing a good public image. All of these blended together could poke at your soul. Come back to that self-care and remember comparison is suicide for progress. Be kind, for we have more in common with each other than we realize. 💕

Ashley BonelliComment