Sun & Uranus get intimate.

The Sun and Uranus are mingling this weekend in the fiery sign of Aries. You may notice or realize that your new moon wishes this past Thursday will require you to go about life in a new and/or unconventional way. The Sun represents our ego, our personal expression. Uranus is all about individuality and freedom. Add Aries, the sign of the self and you've got a spicy mix of autonomy brewing. Taking this weekend to process any sudden ideas or information that may come to you out of the blue will be helpful to your long term goals. Embracing the idea that striking out of old habits/patterns may be a successful way to achieve your souls urges. Again with Mars though, the ruler of Aries going retro on the 17th you will have plenty of time to review your actions before you actually act. You will be going undercover for a while until the fall when things start really rolling ahead again. Enjoy the solar Uranian insights and have a lovely weekend!

Ashley BonelliComment