ZODISCHOOL - The Fourth House

Moon card for the ZODI Deck.

Moon card for the ZODI Deck.

ZODISCHOOL -  Exploring the seat of the chart.

I wanted to continue our lessons on the houses of the astrological chart over here at camp ZODI. 

Side mention - Wouldn’t that be cool if we really did have a camp out? ZODI style retreat. You know it would be beyond rad. Maybe in the future, friends. The world is cracking open on our end so the possibilities are infinite. TBC.

Anyways, back to the houses. We have 12 houses or pie slices as my sugar loving self gravitates to describing them as in the chart. Each house symbolizes different themes or areas of our lives. The fourth house is up for discussion today. This is the darkest part of our charts. There is something very introspective and womb feeling about this house. It has a yin presence to it. I like the private nature that this house represents for each of us. We all need a sanctuary to call our own.

This house governs over subjects like our homes, your current space and/or where you were raised. Our families (especially parents), roots, and heritage also get expressed here through the ways in which we find comfort and security. As many of us know, the way we were raised has a tremendous impact on how we move through the world as adults. This house showcases our first experiences with being cared for or not. How we were once nurtured/ignored/abused can alter how we currently engage in our romantic/platonic relationships. Our first time being loved ideally comes from the person/people raising us but sadly this isn’t the case for everyone. We can see all of this in the chart.  If you have planets in this house they can represent certain people in your life especially your parents/caretakers or it can showcase the dynamics found within your relationship to them. The aspects (planetary relationships) also tell us more about our personal journeys, offering us a lens to better understand our past experiences. 

So, what sign lives in your 4th house? What planets do you have there? I’m a Capricorn in the 4th. My upbringing was very structured, disciplined and efficient just as a true Cap would love. If you feel inclined, please feel free to  share below in the comments. We are all here to learn and grow. 

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