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Today I wanted to discuss the 2nd house of the zodiac chart. We all have a 2nd house but the sign that resides there depends upon your rising sign. The zodiac signs always follow the same order of Aries through Pisces but you can have any one of those 12 signs at the beginning of your chart. That is why it's key to read your horoscope for your rising sign/ascendant because that is what actually creates the structure of your natal chart. The horoscopes are written with that in mind because your sun could reside in any of the 12 houses (the astrologer has no clue where your sun is unless they are actually looking at your chart which when they write for the general public, they don't) and the houses describe the area of life that is being explained in your horoscope so the 1st house sign is key. Pretty magical!


So the second house, traditionally ruled by Taurus, is focused on practical matters such as money and tangible resources. It's where we discover our values around the material world. Our self-esteem and how we view ourselves in relationship to the things we own, all live here in this house. The 1st house is seen as the doorway to our charts but once we've stepped through that entryway we then enter the actual house. We are essentially the temple that houses the heavens. Looking to the 2nd we can see how attached we are to the possessions we own or if they actually own us. On the flip side, could we care less and prefer to live a life that barely leaves a footprint? How capable are we of making money, do we struggle or does it just flow towards us like breath moving in and out of our lungs? How do we feel in our physical bodies? Here we also uncover how we feel about sensuality and how connected we are to the experience of our 5 senses. This is the house opposite the 8th house which rules sex but the 2nd gives clues to how we use our senses to express oneself during sex. It's more about how we derive pleasure or not during intimate physical acts. This is a fertile, heavy house that grounds us to our earthly experiences. So think about which sign you have in the 2nd house and see if you can connect any of the questions I've asked here in this post with the qualities of the sign that lives there. 

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