Early 2019 Astro Highlights


January 5th // New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 

This eclipse feels like the actual New Year's experience to me. Not only is this a New Moon but it's the start of the eclipse cycle in Cancer/Capricorn. This eclipse is occurring at 15 degrees of Capricorn so if you have any personal planets (Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars) 13 degrees through 17 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) this eclipse will extra potent for you. We all feel the experience of an eclipse because it amplifies the energy of the New Moon even more so. New Moons are when the Sun and Moon embrace in the darkness encouraging us to go within the wellspring of our own souls. We are in total darkness under this lunation, so we must be our own source of light which can only come from our internal wisdom, compassion, and brilliance. This is a time of mental initiation. We must contemplate, visualize, craft, and ask for the things we wish to cultivate during this lunar cycle for January as well as all throughout 2019. Think of each Moon cycle for the month as taking micro steps that build to create massive long-term changes. This particular New Moon eclipse is occurring right in between pragmatic Saturn and evolutionary Pluto. This means the goals and wishes we ask for will require us to be mature and hardworking in order to achieve them. There is also an element of long-term commitment involved with whatever we start to build under this lunation. We also must be willing to look at all angles and possibilities because we may need to release some long-held beliefs in order to fully manifest that which we truly desire. 

January 13th /June 16th / September 21st // Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. 

This little tango of confusion will color our year by making 3 exact square aspects. Jupiter is the planet that expands whatever it touches and Neptune casts a dreamy fog around anything it encounters. There are high and low options to this aspect of course. The lower vibe experience can see you getting duped by something or someone who seems to be too good to be true. The rose colored glasses will be passed out like candy at Halloween under this transit so be on alert for smoke and mirrors. The high vibe option gets you into a deeper relationship with your creativity or your spiritual practices. Jupiter in Sagittarius has the upper hand in this cosmic situation so I'm leaning towards things going more positively but keep your eyes, heart and ears in a state of healthy discernment to avoid any unnecessary funks. 

January 21st // Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

This is the last of the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle that we have been experiencing for roughly the last 2 years. Since this is a Full Moon, there is a culmination energy to this particular eclipse, adding depth and gravity to its manifestation. Leo rules the heart and creativity. Are you fully expressing your heart's desires? If not, this is a good time to contemplate what blocks that creative freedom. What could you let go of under this lunation that would allow you to access your inner child? Try connecting with what brings you complete and utter happiness. Finding and embracing joy is something every human deserves to experience regularly. Just because we are slogging about this obstacle-ridden rock doesn't mean bliss can't also be invited to the party!

January 31st / June 18th / November 8th // Saturn in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Neptune, again! This transit however, is quite positive. The low vibe option is simply being lazy and not acting on the opportunity this aspect creates. Saturn is all about the hard work and discipline while Neptune is about glamorous imaginations and hazy dreaming. Sextiles are friendly aspects that can bring about positive results but only if we act on them. We have to be engaged to make the magic happen! This is especially noticeable with Saturn involved. Do you have a dream you could start working on if only you had a little more self-discipline? Well, these are your dates to hone in on crafting that most treasured skill. Dive into your creativity through well-planned intentions and see what beauty you can bring into your life. 

March 5th - 28th // Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 

I know. The dreaded word, Retrograde, especially after last year's retro coma we all were subjected to for most of 2018. There really is no way around retrogrades, but last year’s quota was unusually high. Mercury in Pisces is dreamy, abstract, and at times spacey. When Mercury is retro, we experience communication malfunctions, tech issues, and old ghosts coming out for a chat about the past. While he’s retro in Pisces, we will be reviewing our fantasies, our creative expressions and our intuitive abilities. This could show up as miscommunications where we lack boundaries, as lines will easily get blurred. Victimhood stories or martyrdom could also play a role in the fog of this retrograde, so we must be hyper aware of seeking the truth. Opt for the high road by slowing down, increasing self-care, and indulging in your creative aspirations. 

March 6th - Uranus enters Taurus

Finally, after almost 8 years of Uranus causing a ruckus in Aries, he will move into Taurus, not that this will mean Uranus stops his normal rebellious behavior. Eight years really is a long time to deal with unstable energy in a certain area of one's life. We have all been learning what it means to be independent and autonomous in whichever sector of your chart that Aries resides. For example, if you are Pisces rising, you are an Aries in the 2nd house meaning you were learning all about how to be financially independent. You may have had some exciting or unsettling surprises to the stability of how you earn your living. Now that Uranus is moving into Taurus, we will all be learning how to find a balance between restless desires and the beauty of steady growth. I will report more on this once we are closer to the actual transit but until March 6th, spend some time reflecting on how you've become the authority of your own life in some way!

This wraps up the 1st quarter of the year! Thank you, as always, for joining us here at ZODI Collective! 

Love always,

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