ZODISCHOOL - The First House


I want to talk a little bit about the First House found within our birth (natal) charts.

The 12 houses divide up the astro chart wheel, highlighting different areas of our lives. The First House, where the Ascendant or Rising sign resides, is like the front door to our very own cosmic house. It represents the entrance to the rest of the chart.

The sign residing in the First House describes the aura you give off and how you physically look. We see everyone's Rising sign when we first meet them. It's the vibe you pick up about other people from across the room. It also represents the tool set that you use to move through the world. The strengths and weaknesses that the sign here possesses will reflect how you operate in your daily life. If you happen to have planets in your First House this adds another layer to the interpretation. The qualities of that planet, or the planets will come through your expressions and can even alter some of the tendencies of the sign. The aspects or relationships that the planet(s) make(s) can also shift how you go about engaging with others.

There are many facets to understanding each of the houses but weaving it all together helps to illuminate more about who you are in this life. I've provided a key word for each of the Rising signs below. What is going on in your First House and do you connect with it?

ARIES - Passionate
TAURUS - Sensual
GEMINI - Engaging
CANCER - Intuitive
LEO - Gregarious 
VIRGO - Analyzing
LIBRA - Charming
SCORPIO - Mystifying 
CAPRICORN - Empowering
AQUARIUS - Inviting
PISCES - Other worldly 

Love always,

Ashley BonelliComment