ZODISCOPE - 3.16.19


Later this evening the waxing Moon will move into regal Leo. She's building luminosity as she heads towards her Full Moon phase next week on the 20th. In some ways you will feel the push towards fresh ideas, new connections, and open-minded expansion yet in other ways you will feel the pull of Mercury's retrograde strings. Mercury is the puppet master for the moment when it comes to us feeling any sort of stagnancy or inertia. Honor the pause. It won't always feel this way. Mars is still in Taurus, therefore our collective drive is stopping to smell every rose in the garden anyways, so you might as well enjoy it. Reflect to renew. Under the Leo Moon you can benefit from investing in projects or experiences that help you feel proud, expressive, and loved. Go shine your light over these next couple of days. We can't have the darkness without the light so beam it out there, spirits. 


Also in the heavenly mix is Pluto conjoining the South Node, both in Capricorn while making a trine (120 degree aspect/relationship) to Mars in Taurus. Major earth mojo going on there. Pluto will be up close and personal with the South Node until the end of the month. This is a deep dive into the structures, projects, and goals that are no longer working. With Mars aspecting this duo over the next few days will serve to  highlight the ways we can really hone in and apply ourselves. There may be a need for major renovation in the area of your life that Capricorn rules in your birth chart. This could be on an emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual level. Maybe even more than one but the fact that this combo between lord of the underworld, Pluto, and the symbol for our past selves, the South Node, are coming together to dance under the gaze of a Mercury Retrograde suggests that our history may come back in weird, intense, probing, possessing, arresting, familiar, empowering, or validating ways. I know, that's quite a variety of words to possibly experience but really this will play out in drastically different ways for each of us. Why? Because we each have unique storylines and karmas that we are all working though. Stay open and don't fight the tide. The key to overcoming Pluto is to let go of fear associated with whatever comes up for you. The more you can surrender the easier it is to move like a dolphin through the ocean. March is all about reviewing so you can know exactly the direction you wish to take your new insights when energy is moving full steam ahead Aries style in April. Change is coming, so be patient and enjoy the calm when you can capture a sweet, quiet moment of it. 

Love always,


Photo by Philip Tracy for Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 1996 Show, Dante.

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